OK – so my first big obstacle. Not necessarily the fact that I hit a curb and had to get my tires straightened out. Big shout out to Colorado Springs Car Repair who was able to get me straight (literally) in only an hour and ½. But one of the consistent issues when there is someone in a position of authority with poor morals and bad decisions.

The franchise I bought into was a pretty well established. The number 6 franchise owner was in Dallas, TX and everyone looked up to him as the person to look up to. He had a great student base and a strong business. Unfortunately, he blew it all away.

He was arrested for alleged inappropriate relationships with 2 under aged females who were his students. Appalling, I know. This gives everyone in the Martial Arts a bad name. Now, especially when I open my new school and they google to see who I am, the article of this guy will come up.

So now I have to lay low to allow this to blow over before I take the next steps of my adventure. The problem is I don’t know for how long.

I’ll keep you posted…

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